Creating New Sources of Wealth

Innovation is much more than coming up with new ideas; some times called ideation; and more than just new product development.  At Pandora Consulting we believe innovation is when you transform an idea into a success.  We are careful to let you define success, because charities, people and business have different ideas of what is a success. More importantly we can provide a process that aids you in the whole journey from identifying the problem you want to solve to creating the solution that brings success.  The starting point is the use of the Design Breakdown Structure (see sidebar) that allows the problem to broken down into the component parts that can be transformed into new solutions.  Combined with a Project Management experience we can then complete the process of bring new wealth creation potential to business. The Design Breakdown Structure is the pinnacle of Design Thinking.  It is a philosophy and a method that encapsulates everything from recognising the Customer's need to delivering a product; from anything as simple as a mouse trap to something as complex as an aircraft carrier.  If you have been introduced to Design Thinking contact us to discuss how you can use the Design Breakdown Structure to accelerate its application to your success.

The Design Breakdown


The Design Breakdown Structure was originally developed at Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand as part of research into accelerating new product development.  This research found the use of this method resulted in higher levels of novelty in new products, as well as a typical 30% reduction in the development time. For those interested in the development of this methodology should read this, but note that it is not a “how to guide” just an introduction to some of the history of the Design Breakdown Structure.  It explains the origins but is a long way from the current powerful tool it has become. For those wanting a more detailed understanding of the Design Breakdown should read our blog posts and await the publication of the our forthcoming book: Designing a Better Mousetrap.  
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