Process Engineering

Pandora Consulting is founded from traditional process engineering.  Our primary focus is on high hazard batch production and small scale continuous manufacturing;  including process involving phosgene, chlorine, sulphuryl chloride, oleum and anhydrous ammonia.  We also have expertise ranging from gas storage to plastic manufacture to waste disposal. We believe our greatest opportunity to add value to your project is in the completion of front end design, including: Order of magnitude cost estimates, Optioneering; Technical risk analysis; Hazard screening  Process Flow Development & Optimisation We can also provide a full detailed design service cover: Datasheets, Control philosophy; P&ID development; and Hazard Studies and Risk Assessments [#]

Scale Matters

As a small consultancy Pandora prefers to concentrate on small, complex, mission critical projects. We look to revolutionise where possible using our experience of small scale continuous production. We recognise that scale and company cultures from both the Designer and the Client/User need to match.  If approached regarding a project we do not feel we are suited to providing the best service we will recommend others more suited to delivery of the project.   
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