Process Improvement

Biggering Profits

Process Improvement is the steady improvement of your production process, where Innovation [#] is redefining your product.  Although Pandora Consulting can help with both we use our own variation on Lean called Fast Five (TM) to create effective process improvement. Fast Five (TM) is based on the application of the Pareto Principle.  In simple terms we achieve 80% of the theoretical results of other process improvement approaches by applying the correct 20% of the effort.  This is not a reinvention on Six Sigma, Lean or the Theory of Constraints, rather it is an understanding of which tools should applied in what sequence to achieve the best results (see the sidebar). Fast Five (TM) derives its name from the idea of FIVE rounds of FIVE steps (see sidebar #) to achieve FIVE Sigma with one-FIFTH of the effort it take to reach Six Sigma.  Our key is to guide you in that transformational period to the five sigma quality level and then the culture of continuous improvement that has been established can take you the hallowed Six Sigma target. Contact  to discuss the first steps on the road to improved productivity.


Some clients have commented on the almost magical way their business has improved by Pandora Consulting, but we call it "EERIE".   EERIE is the core of the Fast Five™ methodology. EERIE stands for: Efficiency Effectiveness Robustness Invincibility, and Elegance This specific sequence ensures that the most cost effective methods are applied to your business giving the fastest rate of return on your investment. The principles of Fast Five (TM) and the EERIE approach are covered in our forthcoming book The Money Factory.
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