Process Safety

Process Safety is an integral part of the design [#] and ongoing management of industrial processes and products.  Pandora Consulting offers services that allow the practical management of process safety and risks; especially for sites covered by the Seveso Directive (COMAH in the UK). To aid you with the implementation and maintenance of your Process Safety Management system we can offer support in all areas; and specifically in the follow: Hazard Studies (Hazard and Operability Studies / HazOp) Risk Assessments  DSEAR / ATEX Relief Studies / Overpressure Protection

Hazard Studies/HazOp

Pandora Consulting can provide support for any of the six stages of hazard study in the model pioneered by ICI that has been adopted by the IChemE and recognised by the UK HSE. Our approach is to ensure the early stage hazard studies (studies 1 & 2) are optimally timed, so that safety is designed in rather than “bolted on”. A key stage gate for projects is the HazOp (study 3).  It is important to time this correctly in the design cycle and coordinate it with the earlier studies to prevent abortive work and provide optimal value for money and effort.

Risk Assessments

Under the modern legislative environment it is ineffective not to carry out risk assessments based on hazard studies conducted on processes.  The key to an effective risk assessment is to conduct it at the level of accuracy required to ascertain what further action, if any, is required. Pandora Consulting can conduct simple qualitative to complex fully quantitative risk assessments.

DSEAR (ATEX) / Hazardous Area

Pandora Consulting can carry out DSEAR work for both new facilities and risk assessments for existing facilities.

Relief Studies

The consultants as Pandora have extensive experience in the design of relief systems and other overpressure protection systems.  Although well within our capability to design simple relief systems to those that handle two-phase flow we prefer to be involved early in the design to minimise the need for expensive “end of pipe” solutions and rely on inherent safety and a risk based design approach to minimise project and lifecycle costs.

Risk Management

Risk Management is a key component to all processes; from high hazard chemical processes to insurance claim processing to project delivery. Risk Management is a complex subject that requires an understanding of both the common methods and their limitations, but also about the inherent limitations of human psychology that impact their accuracy and interpretation. The principles and pitfalls of risk assessments are discussed in greater detail in the forthcoming book, A Short Introduction to Risk Assessment, Understanding Risk in any Activity. [#]
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