Project Managment

Building New Wealth

Project Management is a complex, and sometimes chaotic, process that is intended to deliver a change for the project initiator. At Pandora Consulting we believe in a scalable process that can be used for any project.  The process of deliver a project is as fundamental to purpose of the project (see side bar). Our purpose is to support you in either the delivery of an individual project, or in establishing the infrastructure.  For individual projects we provide a consultant to act as the project manager.  In the case of increasing we assist in establishing a Project Office and provide training to develop the people and the systems to ensure not just better project performance, but better business performance. At this juncture it would be easy to start a diatribe about various Breakdown Structures, cost estimates, planning, resource management and a whole host of other topics related to good project management.  However, we believe it would more effective to have a conversation regarding your needs and would recommend our short Project Systems Assessment, as a starting point.  Contact for a more in depth discussion.

Work Breakdown

Structure – the source of


The very definition of the Work Breakdown Structure has long been a source of confusion and disagreement in the project management community.  Our opinion is that the process of project delivery has long been confused with the creation of the product.  We examine the history of project management, as well as the theory of project management in the forthcoming book; Building a Better Mousetrap, Understanding Project Management. [#].
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