Pandora Consulting offers a range of services tuned especially to the Small and

Medium Enterprise Market


Innovation is the key to a better future and at Pandora Consulting we believe that we can bring that change easier than you thinking. We have a unique Design Thinking methodology that accelerates effective innovation that could make the future that much closer.

Project Management

Every project is unique, but the process for each has the same foundations.  At Pandora Consulting we ensure that the right mix of tools is used to execute projects to achieve the best results.

Process Improvement

Pandora Consulting has a unique approach to process improvement that is about rapid results and instilling cultural change for long term results.

Process Engineering

Pandora Consulting has experience in a diverse range in the process industry from car parts to pharmaceuticals to commodity chemicals.  We use this experience to bring a full range of process engineering skills from front end studies (FEED) to detailed engineering to bear on a project, as and when it is needed.

Process Safety

Process Safety is an integral part of any business.  Regulatory Compliance in this are is not optional and not keeping on top of it can be expensive. Pandora Consulting offers a range of services in Process Safety / Loss Prevention from the traditional HazOp hazard study to various levels of Risk Assessment, as well as more specialist areas; including DSEAR and over pressure protection (relief system design).


At Pandora Consulting we believe that no matter what we come to do for you there is an element of training required.  You may choose, however, to bias this such that we provide a training package for your staff and then minimal support to ensure its implementation, we understand that all of these techniques require a cultural change within your organisation. This is one of our distinguishing features, where we assist in getting the changes adopted across the business. To 'train your organisation' we use the Socratic Method of using leading questions during our hands-on training sessions. When you 'discover' the answer to these questions the quality of the learning is greatly improved and the changes more effectively implemented.
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